NeuroDirect believes in supporting our veterans as well as anyone needing help!


Many veterans have claimed that NeuroDirect products are very beneficial for PTSD, TBI and other ailments as a result of their service to the United States.   


To show our commitment to veterans, the following two programs are in place at Neuro Direct:

1) All veterans receive 50% off if they provide us a DD-214.  Please upload your DD-214 using the form below.

2) For every 5 products sold on this website, Neuro Direct will donate one product to a veteran or family in need. 

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NeuroDirect and Autism

NeuroDirect Effects is a HUGE supporter of people with AUTISM.

We know from experience that NeuroDirect Effects helps calm Autistic traits. 

NeuroDirect Effects Patented Topical, when applied to the cervical spine (Back of the neck), reduces inflammation caused by a Hyperactive Brain.

Please write us if you think our products can HELP. If assistance is needed just ask!